Saturday, June 23, 2012




 No doubt, our anything goes mind set along with the feel good psychology and NOT the least our feel good faiths and religions, have directly contributed to the down fall and short comings as persons, families and the nations.

We have failed to see our faults and failed see our down fall. We failed to heed any warnings.No doubt, those who knew, the political, the psychological and the religious people that should have been warning us of our disastrous choices, only found it to their personal benefit to let us go astray, to use us for their own personal benefit or worse to divide us among groups to further their personal agendas.

If we just focused on ourselves and fixed our own "personal" lives, instead of trying to be "liked" and being "approved of" by someone else, where we could really be?

Sadly few are willing to give up power and privilege without using force, without being confronted with force. As what happened with the Arab spring, is the same as what is happening in the US and Europe. The opposition to the ruling classes is fractured, mostly directionless and without any credible leadership. With such the ruling classes with their grips on power is not shaken. As I have been saying," before you start a revolution you better know what you will do when you get it". Masses in Egypt have no better clue about what they will do if granted power than either the "TEA party or the OWS. They just know they don't like what is happening and want change but what change and how will it solve their problems? Religious fundamentalist are just as lost as are the socialist and the TEA Party. Che was screwed up as everyone else is today. To sustain power you must be willing to use it also. The Communist have done that and so have the Fascists, the kings and others.

 As we keep referring to history for guidance,  we tend to lose sight of this basic simple fact that the humanity, the technology, the economy, the politics even the world itself has changed from even just as far back as fifty years ago. Looking at the world today thru a prism of the past is only confusing and misleading us as we face the challenges and the hurdles that were never known to us a mere few years ago. It is time for us not to back up but to understand the world as it exists today so we can face the "NEW PARADIGM".

Whoever said, "I think, therefore I am'" was talking about thinking at a logical and conscience level, thus to prove their awareness of self, and existence. Most people are not "THINKING" at that level yet.

We have shown many animals to be able to "think", does that mean that we can prove they are " aware" of their existence also, I must suppose not, that their thinking must be at the "id" level only, as is with most humanity. As it is with the gorillas, the dolphins and someone being shot at or hungry.

We the " Western Whites" also give ourselves too much credit for our thinking ability. We live at the imbecile level mostly, along with the starving masses of Africa, the terrorists of Islam and the drug lord everywhere!  A dog salivating, a dolphin jumping out of water, a terrorist bombing a crowd of worshippers, a drug lord ordering a hit, a Kardashian releasing a sex tape, are they all "thinking", therefore they "ARE"?

And how is any of it different than say Obama ordering murders by drones, or say Rumsfeld and Blair lying about WMDs? Or say Romney laying off thousands to make extra money. We give our thinking ability too much credit without ever using it. Most of us exist at an animal level only, never growing out of our id phase. People in starving countries continue to breed, as do the unemployed and those in the West living on assistance.

The so called liberals and the greens who claim to care for the planet, and the conservatives who claim to love everyone and care for the people keep using resources that "need" be shared by " all". You can say you think therefore you are, but I respectfully disagree. Most people are not capable of thinking.

While we watch the "Kardshians"', " The Real Housewives" , "Teen Mom", "Tots in Tiaras" and similar fare for entertainment, should we also wonder, sometimes, how much entertainment our own lives are providing those who watch us, and we are not even getting paid. 

Listening to the same crap day in and day out and regurgitating it, does not make you more intelligent and knowledgeable, it proves you an ignorant and a dumb ass. Learn to study for yourself and to THINK!


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