Thursday, December 22, 2011

Do in Rome what the Romans tell you to


Do in Rome what the Romans tell you to

 The discussion on facebook actually started with the story "
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Andrea, answers are not simple and I know you don't like to be lectured to, to put it simply, the paradigm has shifted, we can no longer go by the assumptions of yesterday, it is the same reason I did not write back to John also. It is hard not to notice how the women's freedom has been stood up on it head. If you notice I was angry about the Egyptian girl posting her naked picture on her blog. I was upset about the protesting girls in Europe exposing themselves in all manner. There are reasons, I have my reasons, if you wish I will post a link to this page on my blog and attempt to let you know about my thinking,

First of all I am sick tired and scared of the zealots of all stripes and colors, not just Muslims in hijab, as you notice on the other page I made a statement against women showing off too much of their cleavage. Just as women in hijab impose on me with their veil, the women showing off their cleavages are asking me to look whether i wish too or not, and whether i look or avert my eyes I am wrong in both  ways.

The practice of hijab among Muslim women is one based on religious doctrine, although the Qur'an does not mandate it. Instead, it comes from the Hadith of Sahih Bukhari. The Hadith, the "tradition of Mohammed," reveals the teachings of the Prophet to believers. Bukhari's version of this text is generally regarded as the standard one, although numerous versions exist. In a very broad sense, the relation the Hadith has to the Qur'an resembles the New Testament's to the Old in Christian scriptures.

My problem is not with hijab, or a woman's freedom to chose what she wears, whether some think it is oppression by men or the culture,  My problem here is with the assumption of so many people that their rights are absolute and must take precedence over the rights, freedoms and the sensibilities of all others.

In a similar thread, where the discussion was about women  wearing clothes that expose more and more of the cleavage,  I was taken to task for suggesting that women are exposing way too much of themselves by the same people  that thought that the hijab was a way for men to oppress women.

It is not a unique idea,  a lot of people think that not only that they know all the answers but also that all their presumptions (assumed to be knowledge) is the only  right way and ALL the other ideas, thought and ideologies are wrong in the absolute.

It is not odd to see that people would argue, I am only asking for modesty and reason, I am not for full body covering Burkhas or Abayas, I only say that not everyone should be showing their breasts in public and I am condemned for it, I am not "old fashioned", but I am only keenly aware that in the last thirty some odd years words such as modesty, chivalry, honesty, fidelity and shame and honor have not only lost  their meanings but have lost their place in the modern lexicon.


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