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I know I should have started on it right away but coming home from a long day at the hospital and making it thru the heart cath, I needed my head to be clear, I was sleepy too. "Freaking Men!!!!!! Not just one, all of them.... I can't read them. They are suppose to be simple creatures.... MY A**!!!! Wendy wrote, I had to put my two cents in, I did too. "Book of men has one page only,The Book of women is two pages", I chipped in. "Spill Mohammed!!!! Can't drop that on my page, and run away!! " she wrote back.

"not simple, just simple minded in some ways," I said, " Who women? Or Men? You said women in two pages.... Are simple minds defined by gender......??? Sociology?? Or Genetics?? Maybe by Experience? Nature? Nurture?? Or Via it all, which would leave nothing simple....even the simplest of minds......." she told me.

I started my rant, "actually men and women too are not as complex as we assume them to be, generally speaking, very predictable actually, both are, I speak from a long experience, the reason they are hard to understand is that we assume them to be different when they actually no."you see people fail in relations because they say each time , this one is different, each time it follows the same ole pattern and when it fails, every one says, i did not see it coming, actually we did not want to see it coming because that would have meant we are stupid for following the pattern, I know it sucks , but this is the truth , all of it"

 She wrote back, "
Hmm. There are 12 different personality disorders that effect 97 percent of the population and at different degrees, triggered by different stressors... Plus out of 300 millions sperm and one egg.... Not one person is created alike.... Then ...slap them with a needy momma and a bum daddy....... I think there is nothing predicable about anyone..... However, you can attempt to predict through the limitations of your own understanding..... Example..... Steve Jobs.".
To which I replied, "Steve Jobs was an accident, so was Edison, or Einstein, ninety nine percent in a society follow a simple pattern, mental disorder or not, it is actually the common traits of the society we are talking about more than an individual , much more predictable when you look at it this way, ,". 
"So sociological.... K' but predictability to what degree.... Did you really predict a naked women to walk into your store and ask you to kiss her ass? But it happened.... In what two chapters does that shit happen!!!! LMAO!!!! "
Wait! No.... We don't all fall in the same patterns.... Everything has a common denominator.... But reduced by what???? You can reduce pi..... But to reduce people to a common denominator even defies God..... Even God gives man free will, relinquishing preconception.... Predictability..... Look closer....  
When you look at a community or group....sure it's's statistics..... But.... Doesn't that get boring.... Redundant? What about the trees you can't see for looking at the forest...... ? I guess that's another difference between sociology and psychology." She was not done with me yet. 
So here I am writing to explain myself and my position,. Bear with me please. 

For one, the society's norms are not a mental disorder,  we are who we are as a society, whatever our faults or short comings these may be our norms too, that increases predictability, not just guessing but the sure thing. Predictability also make our lives simple and easy, we just follow known patterns, every one knows what to  do and what is expected of them, when there is a wedding and you are invited you  do your best to show up, when there is a funeral, you show up any ways, you are expected to, no decision needed. Same is the plight of a relationship, believe me, we are required by the norms to be in a relationship,  no matter how simple and easy the life would be without being in one at all. 

How much experience do we have to make the most important choice of out life? None, Zilch. What we are to expect in and from this relationship? No clue, no wonder that the whole thing has been reduced to a simple act,  wo action figures going at it and then going about their own lives.

There is a conspiracy among the psychologists, sociologists and the anthropologists to excuse bad behavior, only of late (past fifty years) it is advertised that men and women are not capable of steady and monogamous relationships, which of it self belies the fact that our own Western parents and grand parents kept just such relationships for fifty sixty and more years and many are still in one. We are not a new animal with new behaviors, except that our own expectations (of our own selves too) have been changed, and if you  are looking for such a commitment you are "old fashioned" or a prude.

Also we fail not because of the people are being different, but after a failed relationship, we go out looking for a person very much similar to the one we were in the last relationship with, with of course similar results, people are not so different really, a few differences, but we keep looking for the same personality type. BTW Angie was a mental case, and I had warned the police chief that  she is looking for attention and she will do something drastic, they did not heed my warning until she had killed that little girl. Sad that even then I was right in my prediction.

Our free will is very limited actually, by society's norms, circumstances and our own capabilities,  and then part of our problem in relationships IS that some  people impose their free will upon the partner and even the kids. I could write more on free will but that will be another discussion again totally. At least your free will has never stopped the shit happening to you  when you did not want it.

How are we ever to know what we keep getting ourselves in to?  We have 13, 14 year olds dating and fifty sixty year olds going to relationship classes, something here stinks.


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