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Why San Francisco's Bay Bridge is the 'Pride of China' (Beijing Youth Daily, People's Republic of C

Do China's people have reason to be proud that, rather than building in the U.S., the state of California contracted 24 giant steel modules to be made in China? According to this article from the state-run 'Beijing Youth Daily', the branding of one of America's great landmarks with the worlds 'Made in China' is not only a source of pride, it proves that China can and should aspire to safer roads and bridges at home.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=126014927489942&id=70658265821&notif_t=share_reply

Mohammed N. Razavi Slavery and slave labor is the future of humanity no matter what the governments and the elite want to tell you, it has been detailed by me for many years, go read it there. The charade continues.

Mohammed -

Slavery has been the norm throughout recorded history. By a wide margin, societies the DON'T believe in slavery are in the great minority. We are part of that minority.

I would suggest that what we are witnessing is the inexorable ...globalization of employment. Sooner or later, the Chinese will demand better working conditions and higher rates of pay, and then manufacturers will move their operations to some other impoverished nation. Even now, most Chinese only earn a few U.S. dollars a day.

I think it is fair to suggest that we need some oversight of large multi-national corporations that pretend to be from one nation or another, but in fact have no loyalty to anyone but their shareholders.

The crisis we face is a globalized world without any kind of global governance. Until this problem is addressed, large corporations will play one nation against the other to obtain the highest profits, the cheapest labor and the most lax regulation.

That's simply the profit motive and human nature at work.

-- William Kern
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about an hour ago ·
Mohammed N. Razavi
YES, the solution to globalization is, globalization, How you think the Chinese will demand better conditions while the Chinese industrialists move their factories to Vietnam. I am not pessimistic, I am just being a realist. And then there... is the example of Mr. Soros dumping the Indonesian and I think Philippines currencies to destroy their higher wages, The US currency is being devalued even as we speak but for the global disaster keeping it afloat, temporarily, mind you they are waiting for the US austerity plan, the so called deficit reduction or the debt ceiling fix, whatever you want to call it it will be our austerity plan, look at the whole picture my dear friend.
Yes Mohammad -

I just think we should be careful when we throw around the word 'slavery.' Slavery is when someone owns you and they can buy and sell you - literally. That is not what is going on today.

The Chinese workers who built those hug...e concrete structures for the Bay Bridge earned 13 or 14 dollars a day - which may sound like 'slavery' to us, but compared to workers in the Chinese countryside, that's real money. It's all relative.

And you watch - the Chinese will demand higher wages. The chasm between the haves in the east and southeast and have nots in the west of China is expanding every day - which is why those construction workers made their way to Shanghai in the first place.

When I think of slavery, I think of Caesar in Gaul. In a single day after a long battle, 100,000 people might be torn from their homes and lands, thrown into cages, their families broken apart forever, and they would all be sold off across the Roman world for a huge profit, never to have any independence of their own again. That's slavery.

-- William Kern
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17 minutes ago ·

Dear Sir, Nothing in this world is like it was five or ten thousand years ago, so may be you should update your definition of a slave and slave labor too. I still give you the benefit of the doubt that you are an independent voice trying to educate the US population, not that I would much care even if you were a government agent trying to promote their vision, I  have a point, I make my point, I also try to understand where you are coming from, your credentials do not ( ) make my position less informed or valid. I will also post this link on my page  for more people to see,


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