Thursday, September 23, 2010



Next time someone mentions that they want to create jobs, you can tell them that they are full of shit, because you know that they are. And how do you know? Because I am going to tell you.
For the past thirty years or more the United States has been the engine of nothing more than creating money. So it was bound to happen, like I have been saying for many years that the United States was being turned in to a third world country, and that both the Democrats and the Republicans were backing the policies with the same outcome regardless of their course.

As you can  hopefully see now, after two years of the Democrats and the Republicans waiting in the wings to take over,  no one has seriously mentioned what is happening with the long term unemployed, or where did all the people go who have lost houses (by the millions) in the housings great debacle). Even though there have been stories about people losing houses or jobs should we not be seeing the homeless and the destitute that are out on the streets and in the parks and occupying abandoned houses? Or did they ll manage to get housing  and food, or did they all decide to disappear?

And while we discuss the merits and the costs of the Democratic and Republican health care plans  the result will ultimately be as to who gets health care and how much money they have. ( I have told you so many times)

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